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Our 40 year Class Reunion
September 26-27, 2014

We will be attending the Homecoming game Friday night (Sept. 26th) and the Reunion Banquet will be the evening of September 27th.
Class of 1974 Memory Book

I will be putting together the template for the memory book soon. I am requesting everyone to participate in this whether you attended the reunion or not. This will be a great way to let you classmates find out what you have been up to since high school.

Hello, our site is open to all THS alumnus in and around the class of 1974, faculty, friends and family. We encourage everyone to register on the site and to leave a comment under the Alumni/Guest Comments section. The site is FREE!! so please register and tell us a story or let us know what you think.

Check back often to see who has joined and see how the reunion plans are progressing.

Do You Remember When?

Look here to see what the top songs, movies, events and other notable facts were at the time.

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Help Us Find Our Classmates

Please help us find all of our THS classmates. We want this site and the 40th Reunion to be a huge success. If you are still in contact with any of our classmates do us and them a favor and point them to this website.

Come back often to your THS Class of 1974 Home. Click the icon to add us to your favorites list.

Most Recent Members to Visit
Wes Stewart  (1974)
Ricky Thompson  (1974)
June Ragain-Longan  (1974)
Debbie Becker-Sullivan  (1974)
Albert Rich  (1974)
Robert Stewart  (1974)
Kenn Johnston  (1974)

The Last Alumnus/Guest Comment
Wes Stewart

Recent THS Alumnus to Join
Dennis Rutledge  (1974)
Pamela Kay Wade Chamberlain  (1974)
Scott Hays  (1977)
Scott Hays  (1977)
Robert Stewart  (1974)
Robert Stewart  (1974)
Anita Moore Fuquay  (1974)
Anita Moore Fuquay  (1974)
Christine Gonzalez-Rea  (1974)
Christine Gonzalez-Rea  (1974)

Most Recent Alumnus Answering the Reunion Questionnaire
Wes Stewart  (1974)

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